The SWW Plate™ and Blood Sugar

The SWW Plate™ and Blood Sugar Balance

An essential tool for meal planning and a foundation for success, The SWW Plate™ is a crucial part of The SWW Method™. But did you know The SWW Plate™ is important for blood sugar balance too? Let’s discuss why it’s so important for blood sugar balance and how it will help you achieve success on the program.

First, here’s a review of The SWW Plate™. The plate consists primarily of fiber (non-starchy vegetables), protein and fat. Starches are reserved for the last meal of the day and are eaten last, after protein, fat and fiber.

In the body, starches break down into glucose, which spikes blood glucose, and then triggers an insulin response. We suggest clients moderate their intake of starches so they are not on the blood sugar rollercoaster for the remainder of the day.

Pro Tip: Eating starches at the end of the day prevents you from going on the blood sugar roller coaster and that slight spike and drop in blood sugar will help you sleep at night.

When you first consume fiber, then protein and fat, and lastly starches, you will have less of a blood sugar spike then if you consume the starches first. This is because fiber, protein and fat will slow down gastric emptying (how quickly food leaves the stomach) and also lower the glycemic index of the carbohydrate rich food, preventing as much of a glucose spike or as strong of an insulin response.

Protein rich meals have been shown to significantly lower blood sugar and help in preventing insulin resistance. They are satiating and help to balance our blood sugar!

Here are a few of our favorite protein-rich SWW approved recipes to balance blood sugar:

Lettuce Wrapped Salmon Burgers
Harissa Chicken Thighs and Veggie Bake
Sirloin and Root Vegetables
Turkey Burger Bowls
Oven Roasted Chicken Thighs