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The SWW Method™

The SWW Method™ is a proven 10-step method that changes your approach to nutrition and moves your health forward. This program was created based on years of private coaching experience and client results by Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Wragge. 

This signature program cuts through the noise and separates fact from fiction, simplifies the science, and meets you exactly where you are in your health journey to guarantee success. 




Includes the following:

  • NEW! 3x 45-minute calls
  • NEW! Exclusive guest speakers in the wellness industry
  • NEW! Quick lunch and dinner recipes
  • NEW! SWW™ approved pantry swaps
  • NEW! Modules to walk you through the 10-step method
  • Weekly 75 minutes group zoom calls with Sarah and her team
  • Customized SWW™ food plans
  • Enhanced guidebook
  • Weekly accountability emails from your coach
  • Exclusive bonus videos from Sarah



The heart of our SWW Method™ program is teaching you how to optimize the amount of time your body burns fat every day. We arm you with the information and tools you need to make powerful choices that allow you to splurge and indulge guilt-free. 


Most people don’t realize how much sugar they consume daily beyond the obvious sweet snacks and desserts. Sugar begets sugar — the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. When you take the sugar out of your diet and replace it with protein, fiber, greens, and satiating healthy fats like nuts, avocado, and even dark chocolate, you’ll see results. And it will feel effortless.


Few people can stick with a program long term if they’re hungry all the time, because hunger will always win. In this program, we teach you how to set up your day so that your meals are nutrient-dense and jam-packed with protein, fiber, fat, and greens so you feel balanced, calm, and satisfied after and between meals.


Through our unique approach, you’ll learn how to move your body from sugar-adapted to fat-adapted. As your body burns fat, rather than using sugar for fuel, it begins to convert energy in a whole new way. Breaking the cycle of spikes and drops, you’ll feel less frenetic, less bloated, and discover a store of calm, endless energy that doesn’t quit. 

The SWW Method™
The SWW Method™

What clients are saying

  • This program has definitely become a lifestyle for me-I don't get derailed on holidays, vacations, etc because I know exactly what to do to help me feel my best and not gain weight. I have a better understanding how food affects my body and I know if I stick to the program, I feel my best, am energized for my workouts and keep my weight stable. If you follow the method it is super easy. I have always been someone with stomach problems and this program has basically eliminated them.

    Danielle Esposito Greenwich, CT
  •  I really like this program as I am feeling refocused and on track with my eating. I think deleting inflammatory foods from my diet really helped.  I love the tips, recipes, & weekly calls. My weight is dropping which is a goal yet I also feel better in general.  I'm more aware and making better choices more frequently.  The list of food with pesticides, the pantry swaps, meal prep guides, and calls really help.  What you are preaching makes a lot of sense! This is a great program. 

    Cary Prince
  • Beyond weight loss and overall wellbeing improvement, I learned so much about myself and my triggers/body damaging patterns, especially after a tough pregnancy and post partum while having a very full time job ;) I can’t thank you guys enough for the support.

     Marie Gulin Merle
  • Week three and I'm feeling really good. I'm down two pounds over the last two weeks. You guys are SO great and I'm thrilled to be doing this program. I've learned so much. Thank you for your informative weekly Zoom calls. Winning in terms of: drinking water first thing, having my greens, having a really balanced lunch w fats and proteins.

    Brigid Presecky Chicago, IL
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1. Knowledge

Learn the science behind The SWW Method™. The knowledge you gain will allow you to make sustainable lifetstyle changes.

2. Support

Follow a customized plan tailored to your unique lifestyle and work 1:1 with a SWW™ trained coach who will hold you accountable in your daily routine.

3. Structure 

The SWW Method™ is a 10-step process based on the science of blood sugar balance. The Method teaches you how to: Burn Fat, Conquer Cravings, and Eat for Endless Energy. 


How long of a commitment is this program?

The SWW Method™ is a 6-week group coaching program. Can't make a call? All of the group coaching calls are recorded and available for you to watch online or through the app.

I'm not a great cook and my days are long. Does your method require lots of time in the kitchen?

Nope! You can easily follow the SWW™ principles without spending hours in the kitchen. Our recipes are super simple, and the framework is easy enough to implement when dining out and traveling. It really is meant to carry you anywhere in any situation.

I've been on every diet out there. How is your program different?

We pride ourselves on The SWW Method™ for NOT being a diet. Rather it's a framework for helping you structure your day with basic principles and practices rather than eating x-calories or this type of food for however many days.

The SWW Method™ is a lifestyle and we want to teach you rather than have you follow a protocol without knowing how to stick with it long term as life inevitably shifts and changes.

You'll be able to FLOW with life. Diets don't teach you that.

What's included with the meal plan you mentioned?

The SWW™ customized meal plan is made specifically for you and your goals.

You'll receive a sample week meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas as well as how to structure your meals throughout the day. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

The SWW Method™ is a unique program that provides clients with immediate access to valuable resources. This program is non-refundable. If you are unable to start the course prior to the program start date, you are able to join the next program offered.

You have the power to transform your body through nutrition.

"I have read so much and tried so many diet/lifestyle plans, but this time you have answered so many why’s for me and that fits how I roll.  In the last 15 days I am sleeping so much better which is amazing as it was not very good at all and I was just so tired of being tired.  I now wake up ready to meet the day and embark on the day!  I have so much more energy all day.  It certainly has been an adjustment drinking all the water so early in the day and no longer inhaling two cups of coffee first thing.  I think it is hilarious how sometimes I don’t get to coffee until lunch time and that is fine.

 I have also lost 14lbs in the six weeks of the program. And I'm one pound to go to achieve my vacation goal...confident that we can do this!

That is very exciting for me as in the past it has been a grind for every pound lost, leaving me to think that my metabolism is completely broken. I am enjoying all the weekly materials and find the calls very informative. Taylor has been a great coach for me and has been most helpful so far. I enjoy the information you provide and feel like there still will be more to learn."

~ Christine Dengel Ontario, Canada