Rachel is an Integrative Nutritionist as well as a certified group fitness instructor. She is skilled at helping women achieve their fitness and nutrition goals using motivational coaching techniques and tailoring recommendations to meet clients where they are in their health journey. She believes we should move and fuel our bodies differently each day because it’s the variety that keeps us engaged and inspired.

    Rachel is truly a group fitness enthusiast as she finds a community of people working on their individual goals at their own pace while still doing it together, cheering each other on is incredibly empowering.

    She lives outside of Chicago with her family and two pugs and loves being in the kitchen sharing her recipe creations when not at the gym or shuttling her three kids to/from their many activities.


    • Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE, Schwinn) B.A. English, Wake Forest University
  • MOLLY CUTLER - SWW Health Coach


    Molly is an Integrative Nutritionist as well as a certified mat Pilates instructor. She fuses motivational interviewing, nutrition education, mindset work, intuitive eating and Pilates (adapted to all needs) to help clients navigate food settings confidently, understand their hunger and fullness signals, make sustainable habit changes for the long term and ultimately feel their absolute best. Her passion and drive is rooted in her personal experience living with a chronic neuromuscular condition since childhood and knowing firsthand the power nutrition and lifestyle behaviors can have on quality of life and health outcomes. Molly loves to cafe hop, frequent farmers markets and cook and host meals for friends and family!


    • M.Sc. Nutrition & Integrative Health, Maryland University of Integrative Health
    • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Pilates Mat Certification, A La Ligne Method & PhysicalMind Institute
    • B.Sc., Public Health, The George Washington University
  • ANNIE DIXON - SWW Health Coach


    Annie is an Integrative Nutritionist as well as a NASM-certified personal trainer. Annie offers a dual approach for clients focusing equally on nutrition and fitness as she believes they are the foundation for achieving optimal health.

    As a busy mom of three in North Carolina, she knows what it takes to balance it all and feels passionate about nourishing her family with the healthiest food possible. Annie understands the difficult family dynamics that occur around mealtime and works closely with families to minimize these issues in an easy and effortless way.


    • Nutritious Life Master Certified by Keri Glassman, MS, RDN
    • Certified Personal Trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
    • Senior Instructor CycleSouth (indoor cycling boutique), Charlotte, NC
    • Completed The Plant Fed Gut Online Course by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD, MSCI
    • M.S. Speech-language Pathology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • EMILY EASTMAN - SWW Health Coach


    Emily is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition. Her unique career history in hospital care, research, education and sales gives her a strong foundation to create a personalized healing path for her clients. Emily’s journey to Root Cause medicine started 10 years ago with her own personal health struggles and realization of the limited options available within mainstream medicine. She immersed herself with learning Functional Medicine and now uses this approach to support clients seeking a practitioner who really listens, tries to “connect the dots” and advocates for them.

    Emily lives in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and their German Shepherd, Blue. She enjoys traveling to warm, sandy beaches and uses her yoga practice to help her stay balanced.


    • Graduate of Functional Nutrition Practitioner Institute
    • Certificate of Training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy, Next Level Functional Nutrition
    • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, Commission of Dietetic Registration
    • M.S. in Dietetics, University of Central Arkansas
    • Dietetic Internship completed, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
    • B.S. in Dietetics, University of Central Arkansas
  • MEGAN B GROVER - SWW Health Coach


    Megan is a nutrition consultant specializing in stress, adrenal dysregulation, autoimmunity and gastrointestinal concerns. Her focus with clients is to support their stress response and provide them with the necessary knowledge to advocate for their own health.

    Megan has been teaching and practicing nutrition for the last decade. Most recently she has worked as a professor of human anatomy, human physiology and human nutrition and is currently an online lecturer for the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Colorado. She believes it is essential to focus on balanced solutions for healing the body by consuming a natural human diet, utilizing specific herbs and calming an overstimulated nervous system.

    Megan lives in California and loves to spend her free time trail running, traveling and enjoying simple pleasures. Due to her love for herbs she owns an online apothecary, creating herbal blends for her virtual and in-person clients.


    • Master of Medical Science (MMedSci / MS) in Human Nutrition, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England 2011
    • Bachelors of Science: Biology, Waynesburg, University 2009


    Claire is an Integrative Nutritionist who focuses on helping her clients feel energized and healthy. She is skilled at helping women overcome stress and overwhelm through fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. She believes in the motto "everything in moderation" and subscribes to the 80/20 rule that you should eat healthy 80% of the time and let yourself eat what you like the rest of the time!

    Claire has first hand experience with adrenal fatigue in her 20's and because of this, she hopes to help other individuals live a balanced lifestyle to overcome or avoid chronic stress and the associated symptoms. She has a unique background in biomedical engineering, which allows her to understand the biomechanics and systems of the human body to ensure they are working optimally!

    Claire lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with her husband and two little girls. She loves any and all outdoor activities, but especially mountain biking and skiing. She hopes that one day her girls will love the snow as much as she does! 


    • Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • B.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

    Genna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in family nutrition. Genna most recently worked at The Renfrew Center of Northern NJ, where she helped women get in touch with their hunger and fullness cues, and normalize eating patterns. She believes that moving your body, nourishing your gut, and practicing mindfulness are all interconnected factors of being in touch with your needs.

    She is married to her high school sweetheart. An active mom two kids, she also loves being outside and connecting with nature to get grounded and recharge.


    • Registered Dietitian at The Renfrew Center
    • RDN, Dietetic Internship at The College of Saint Elizabeth
    • Corporate Wellness at BMW
    • B.S. Dietetics, James Madison University
    • Studied Global Nutrition, abroad in Switzerland
    • M.S. Nutrition and Food Science (enrolled)
  • JESS RYBKA - SWW Health Coach


    Jess is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in integrative and functional nutrition. She has a strong clinical nutrition background and years of experience working with specialized nutrition needs in a hospital setting. Jess has also counseled nutrition clients in wellness centers and in private practice. Her passion centers around creating lasting behavior change with clients using the evidence-based motivational interviewing (MI) approach. She believes food is medicine — every time we eat it is an opportunity to nourish and fuel our body.

    She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two doodle dogs. She strives to live a naturally active lifestyle by doing activities that she loves such as biking, hiking, skiing, kickboxing, and gardening.


    • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

    • Sodexo Dietetic Internship

    • B.S. in Human Nutrition - Dietetics, Metropolitan State University of Denver

    • B.S. in Business Administration – Marketing and Public Communications, American University


    Christine is an Integrative Nutritionist, an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach and NASM-certified Personal Trainer. Having dedicated three decades to the business world in NYC, Christine utilizes her life experiences and education to help clients create sustainable, healthy routines to better manage the daily demands of personal/work life balance that we face.

    Her passion is helping clients achieve their health goals by integrating and elevating every aspect of life through nutrition, movement, and positive mindset. Christine lives in Edgewater N.J with her husband of 3 years, 2 dogs and is a proud stepmom to 2 wonderful, grown daughters. They enjoy sailing in the summer, skiing in the winter and knowing the importance of resistance training and cardio work for all ages, she alternates weightlifting with running, biking and yoga year-round.


    • Nutritious Life Master Certified by Keri Glassman, MS, RDN
    • Professional Certified Life Coach: Life Purpose Institute, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
    • Certified Personal Trainer: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS): National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • Behavior Change Specialist (BCS): National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
    • Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners


    Briana is an Integrative Nutritionist and holds certifications in Positive Psychology & Wellness and Body Confidence. She applies her education, life experiences, and passion to help her clients reach their personal wellness goals. Bri’s work is based on two key concepts: bio-individuality, and primary food theory. The first encapsulates the idea that everyone is unique and has different needs. The second concept focuses on how aspects of one's life — relationships, physical activity, spirituality, and career either nourish or impede our wellness.

    Bri’s unique ability to listen, inquire, motivate, support, and educate is a tremendous asset she uses to guide her clients through the process. She lives in NYC.


    • Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Positive Psychology Coach Certification, College of Executive Coaching
    • Body Confidence & Well-Being Coach Certification, Institute for Body Confidence
  • SHADAE ZAMYAD - SWW Health Coach


    Shadae is an Integrative Nutritionist and wellness chef who specializes in functional nutrition. With her Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and her unique culinary background, she has been able to help many individuals with various conditions such as gut issues, hormone imbalances, and inflammation to improve their health through food, lifestyle changes, and supplementation. Her approach consists of figuring out root causes, and works closely with clients to help find balance and changes that are realistic and long-lasting to fit their unique needs.

    She has experience working in both clinical and private settings, and has written thousands of recipes, meal plans, and cookbooks that are diet and disease specific. She lives in Long Beach, CA with her husband, and enjoys being outdoors, cooking, and working out!


    • Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, University of Western States
    • Bachelors of Science in Culinary Nutrition (Didactic Program), Johnson & Wales University
    • Associates of Science in Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University
  • JESSICA MUCCI - SWW Health Coach


    Jess is an Integrative Nutritionist, an ACE certified personal trainer and a sports performance coach. Having spent almost a decade in sales, in addition to coaching, she utilizes her life experiences, athletic background and passion to help her clients reach their personal wellness goals.

    Jess’s passion and mission statement is to help people learn they are all capable of more than they realize and her approach to movement and holistic nutrition allows people to unlock their own power to reach new heights.

    She lives outside San Francisco and runs up mountains in the form of ultra marathons in her spare time. The more she is outside, the more she moves, the happier she is! She truly enjoys pushing the limits and inspiring others to do the same in their own way.


    • Health Coach Certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Certified Personal Trainer American Council of Exercise (ACE)