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"Over the last twenty years, I've tried many nutrition programs, exercise regimens, and diets - all of which involved some sort of restriction and many that resulted in some temporary success that didn't last. After speaking with a friend about her experience with the SWW Method, I took the leap and it has been a game changer. The Method has changed my mindset around food, exercise, and my daily habits - what to eat and when and how to indulge and get back on track. I've lost over 55 lbs in the last year but what's better, I know how to keep myself feeling and looking this way. I've participated in Method 3 times and have learned something new each time and been able to lock in that knowledge and the habits and with them, the results. This really is a lifestyle program - it's a framework and knowledge you can use to keep your body and mind healthy while enjoying your life!! "

- Kate B., January Method Client

“It works!! I have lost 9 pounds in two weeks, my coach is so responsive and helpful, and there's a little wiggle room for planned indulgences. I wish I had found SWW sooner!”

-January 2024 Method Client

"SWW has been, by far, the most effective, lasting, and transformational health program in which I have participated. The SWW Method® gave me the knowledge base, tools, and inspiration to permanently change my lifestyle. In contrast to most diet programs, it sheds rigidity and provides a sustainable path to a healthy lifestyle, while teaching you its underlying principles so that you can flexibly apply them to everyday life. Its impact and benefits have far exceeded my expectations."


"My goal wasn’t to lose much weight but to prioritize my health to be the best it could be for vitality, strength, and longevity. Losing 9 (now 12!) pounds hasn’t hurt the ego. I eat more, not less. I have always been active, whether climbing up and down school flights every day, walking, raking leaves, or playing sports, but now I am more deliberate in making the time for strength training. The aging pouch, thickness, and wrinkles are here to stay but the challenge and excitement to greet each day with energy, I even hit the ski slopes after many years this past week, because this method empowers the mind and body.

Courtney M., January Method Client


"What drew me to The SWW Method® was its holistic approach to health and wellness.  Because Sarah is able to weave together not only diet and exercise into her method but also social and emotional wellbeing as well as a focus on women's health I decided to jump in feet first.  Yes, I want to feel good when I put on my jeans but I also want to feel strong, rested, fueled and most important, joy.  Twelve weeks in I feel more confident in my ability to make thoughtful decisions about how I am going to navigate my days and as a bonus, I'm ten pounds lighter. "

Patricia W., January 2024 Method Client

"The SWW Method® has been an exciting journey in my life. I have learned how to eat better, smatter in order to feel and look my best. I have incorporated supplements and an exercise routine that works for me, and that is sustainable. The support I received from my coach and the tools provided throughout the process were invaluable. I am extremely grateful."

Idalis B., January 2024 Method Client

"The SWW Method® has drastically changed my mindset around food and exercise by balancing my blood sugar and teaching me when and what to eat and when and what exercise I should be doing weekly. The program took the pressure off the "dieting" mentality by providing me with real knowledge around food, my body, and exercise. I feel more intune with my body and less cravings after completing the method. With the help of my awesome coach, I was able to drop 12lbs.... and the best part is that i've kept it off. The SWW program is not a diet, it truly is a lifestyle that I have continued for months after the program.

Liza C., January Method 2024

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