Halloween Candy: The best of the bad

Halloween Candy: The best of the bad

Trick or Treat !

I'm not going to pretend that the Halloween trick or treating situation isn't stressful. It's hard enough that you're worried about the safety of your kids in the dark, let alone the sugar bombs they're inhaling throughout the entire scary journey. 

And even if you don't have kids - you aren't in any better of a position this time of the year. Halloween candy is lurking everywhere you turn. The nail salon (why do they always have mini tootsie rolls there?), your office receptionist, even the gym!


At all cost remove any red-dye 40 candy from their bags. Red Dye 40 is a toxic petroleum-based, synthetic colorant that causes hyperactivity, headaches and aggression. 

Some of these include: 
1. Swedish fish 
2. Jolly ranchers 
3. Starbursts 
4. M&M's 
5. Skittles 

Instead, go for the cleanest options. Unfortunately there aren't many. 

Here are a few of my recommends: 
1. Yum Earth organic lollipops 
2. Annie's gummy bunnies 
3. Non-candy items like glow in the dark bouncy balls, wax mustaches and wikki stix. 

You can also check out the from the Teal Pumpkin Project. Houses with a teal pumpkin on their doorstep means they're handing out non-food, allergen friendly treats for your little. 

And on Thursday, get rid of it! Do not keep the sugar party going...either toss it or donate to our troops through Operation Gratitude.

Lastly, make sure you fuel everyone with a hearty, protein and fiber packed meal before heading out the door. It will help balance out all of the sugar. And if you do need something when you get home, make yourself a no-sugar, no-fruit, protein shake (you can pretend it's a milkshake!) OR check out Erin Parekh's freezer fudge. It will satisfy your sweet tooth (without the sugar) and fill you up.

Whether your a parent or not, it ain't pretty out there in the way of clean candy options on this spooky holiday. 

So, don't be tricked, do your research, be informed about what you are putting into YOUR body and YOUR child's and make your choices accordingly.