It's all about the PREP

It's all about the PREP

Do you get the case of the Monday’s? Who doesn't? I get 'em too. 

And one of the primary subjects always weighing me down is what are we eating all week? 

So...regardless of how stumped and uninspired I feel, I always fall back on my five go-to's for meal prep. There's my Sunday non-negotiables when it comes to stocking the fridge. 


1. Buy 2 organic rotisserie chickens

Pull off all the white and dark meat + put into a sealed container.

Pro-tip: If you pull off the meat when the chicken is still hot, it's way easier!

2. Roast broccoli, sweet potatoes and parsnips

This guide will show you how to roast any vegetable to perfection. 

3. Make a batch of lentils. 

I follow the first part of this recipe

4. Cut up your favorite raw veggies

Slice and put into a sealed container or pack individually for quick grab-and-go snacking

My favorite way to eat them is as dippers with hummus for a PM snack.

5. Hard boil + de-shell one dozen eggs

Eggs are an incredible protein source + easy to have on hand when traveling

My go-to is mashed up with 1/2 avocado + sea salt

So next time you have those Sunday meal prep blues, use these tips to keep you on track and fueled to tackle your week. 

xox Sarah