Why Should We Consume MCT Oil?

Why Should We Consume MCT Oil?

I think most of us can agree on the fact that we would like to be in a fat burning mode more often than not. In those states our blood sugar feels balanced, our mind feels more clear and we tend to keep off those extra, unwanted pounds. 

One of the popular methods for training your body to be in a more consistent fat-burn state is the ketogenic diet. This diet consists of high fat, low carb and moderate protein. When you are relying more on fat for fuel your liver starts to produce ketones which are water-soluble molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier and act as an alternative fuel source for your brain and much of your body. Although an effective diet for weight loss, it is not necessarily sustainable for the long run. 

Outside of ketones acting as an alternative fuel source they have multiple other benefits on the body. They have neuroprotective functions in the brain and have been found to support healing and enhance energy metabolism for neurons. They have been shown to help maintain lean muscle mass and increase fat loss. They have also been shown to be beneficial in warding off various chronic diseases. 

So is there another method for producing ketones without necessarily being on a full-fledged ketogenic diet? Intake of medium chain triglycerides - better known as MCT’s - can do just that. They are able to induce ketosis without a prolonged fast or implementation of a ketogenic diet. 

MCT’s are most effective when consumed after an overnight fast, without an accompanying meal (if tolerable), or with a low carbohydrate meal. Also, the addition of MCT oil to caffeine (like your morning cup of coffee) may slightly increase the ketogenic response. 

What are sources of MCT’s? They are found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil and milk fat (like butter and ghee). You can even buy pure MCT oil which is often derived from coconut oil and palm oil. 

What are some ways to integrate MCT’s into your daily routine? 

  • Add MCT oil to your morning cup of coffee. More on this to come as we at SWW® have you covered in this regard! Ideally optimizing flavor as just adding oil to your coffee isn’t so tasty. 
  • Cook with coconut oil or ghee. 
  • Add a spoonful of coconut oil to your daily smoothie. 

We are always looking for ways to optimize our energy levels and support our overall brain health to enhance our longevity and healthspan. Inducing ketone production in the body is an effective way to do just that.