Dear Dad, Love SWW®

Dear Dad, Love SWW®

To all the dads and father figures in our SWW® community, we want to thank you for all you do! As some of our favorite people, we have a special gift for you. Since we know you have enough ties and golf balls, we think the gift of good health is one you’ll find uniquely beneficial and will allow you to “keep up with the kids” for years and years to come. We have eight dad-friendly, SWW® approved tips that are tailored to your specific needs to keep you in tip-top health. 

The SWW® Plate— Good health is rooted in proper nutrition. We have cracked the code to a foolproof formula to construct your plate to ensure you get all your body needs. The ideal ratio is filling half your plate with non-starchy vegetables, a quarter with a high-quality protein, and rounding it all out with the last quarter for a starchy vegetable or fruit. It's a simple and practical approach that you can easily implement in your daily meals. 

Save the carbs for dinner— To avoid blood sugar spikes throughout the day, we recommend saving your carbs for the end of the day. Our advice is to not only save them for dinner but also to save them as the last thing you eat off your plate for ideal digestion. If you feel your meal was carb-heavy, we suggest a nice post-dinner walk.

Tone down the sugar— White sugar is not your friend when it comes to your health. If you need to sweeten anything, we suggest stevia or organic monk fruit. 

Swap out the beer— When it comes to social occasions or just a drink to unwind, opt for a lower-carb beverage. We are big fans of tequila-based cocktails for the perfect sip. 

Skip the soda—That midday soda habit is not serving you. Not only do sodas not provide any nutritional value, but they also spike your blood sugar severely. If you are looking for a carbonation fix, try a lower-sugar option like Poppi, Olipop, or sparkling water. 

Eat protein forward— As we age, the best way to maintain muscle mass and strength is to consume 120+ grams of protein daily. Eating a high-quality protein-forward diet is vital to aging better.

Keep moving— The phrase use it or lose it couldn't be more true. Incorporating movement into your daily routine feels good and is an excellent way to ensure your muscles and joints stay limber and strong. A solid combination of weight training and cardio is crucial for heart and muscle health. 

Eat sweets sparingly— We aren’t saying you have to give up your treats, but limiting them to once or twice a week will make a world of difference in your overall wellness. If you opt for dessert, skip the carbs during dinner. Be sure to consume it right after dinner for less of a blood sugar spike rather than waiting another hour or two to indulge. 
We love our SWW® Dad community and want to ensure your health for years to come! Following these easy tips will help you prioritize your health so you can live life to the fullest.