Infared Masks: What's All The Hype?

Infared Masks: What's All The Hype?

We are all looking for the elixir of youth. Something that will help make our skin more supple and regenerate some of the damage that has been done by too much sun exposure, not enough water and maybe one too many cocktails throughout life. 

We have all tried it all: vitamin C and retinol serums, hyaluronic acid, expensive skin creams, and heaven knows it - botox. Although these are all often helpful and help prevent further aging they don’t necessarily reverse some of the damage that has already been done. So how do we do this without resorting to cosmetic surgery and fillers? I know I would personally like to support my skin as naturally as possible. 

Now there is an incredible amount of research on various wavelengths of light and what they can do for your skin. Obviously, if you want to prevent skin damage and aging it is best to avoid excessive sun exposure and apply a high-quality sunscreen to your skin on a daily basis. Yet, there are some wavelengths of light, specifically infra-red, that have been clinically proven to improve the health of our skin and regenerate our collagen to reverse some of the negative side effects of aging. WOW! Sign me up. 

What is the research behind Infra-red?

  • Improvement in photoaging of facial skin after nine light therapy treatments over a five week period, using an infrared LED mask. Significant skin improvements were seen at 12 weeks, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Effective treatment of psoriasis after ten 20 minute sessions over five weeks, using near-infrared LED treatment over inflamed sites, with follow up several months later. 
  • Potential protective effects against UV damaged skin. Helps the skin develop protective repair responses to harsh UV rays. 
  • Decreasing inflammation in the skin to combat acne. 
  • Reducing pain and inflammation in individuals suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. 

How is it effective? 

  • Wavelengths are long enough to target collagen of the skin and increase its production. This improves skin rejuvenation and skin elasticity. It also helps prevent collagen degeneration by increasing circulation, preventing cell death and enhancing growth. 
  • Improves blood flow to the target area. 
  • Stimulates growth factor production and promotes tissue repair.
Which ones should I use?
  • You can receive the benefits of infrared light with infrared LED masks, infrared light bulbs and infrared saunas. For tissue repair the closer the light is to the skin the better the results, hence the LED masks for skin rejuvenation. 
  • For masks, omnilux is a favorite pick of mine. This is one of the most widely scientifically researched masks on the market. There is a lot of data to back up its effects. 
  • We also really love the infrared mask by Knockout Beauty. It has an anti-aging mode with infrared rays up to 830nm to really penetrate the dermis and help with resynthesis and repair. 
  • The masks by Therabody and Dr. Dennis Gross are also great options as they include both red and blue light therapy to not only combat aging but to help target acne and inflammation. They are also both FDA approved. 
  • For an affordable infrared sauna, I love the Higher Dose Infrared Sauna blanket
  • A full infrared light therapy pad for support of sore muscles and chronic pain.