Sarah's Favorite Step of The SWW Method®: Feast-Famine

Sarah's Favorite Step of The SWW Method®: Feast-Famine

May is one of our absolute favorite months at SWW® because it’s our fearless founder’s birthday! While cake, presents, and parties are all wonderful (trust us, we aren’t knocking any of those things), the absolute best gift anyone can give themselves is one of good health. Sarah knows this better than anyone. She is the proof in the pudding that makes SWW® work. After years of battling with her own health issues, it took her discovering what has now become the ten steps of The SWW Method® to get a handle on her wellness journey.


To celebrate Sarah’s birthday, we are delving deeper into her favorite step of The Method: Feast-Famine-Feast-Famine. 

First off, what is it? 

The name of this step is pretty self-explanatory. You fuel your body and then fast between meals, rather than grazing so your body is able to periodically enter fat-burning modes throughout the day. 

Why is it Sarah’s favorite? 

She loves this step because when done correctly, it will put your body in mini fat-burning sprints throughout the day leading to better digestion and higher energy levels. This is imperative for those looking to lose weight. 

How to feast famine feast famine: 

  • Leave a three to five-hour gap between each of your meals/snacks. If you feel hungry before this timeframe, you likely overdid it on the carbs and needed to eat more protein, fiber, and fat. 
  • Prioritize high-quality proteins combined with fiber and fat at every meal to keep satiated and maintain balanced blood sugar.
  • Eat real meals! We know life gets busy, but avoid grazing on snacks all day because they are convenient. Composed, balanced meals will ensure you are getting the proper nutrients and keep you full and energized to go about your daily activities. 
  • When it comes to carbs, we highly recommend leaving them for dinner at the end of your meal. The order in which you consume your food matters. Eat your vegetables first, followed by protein, and leave the carbs for last to minimize a blood sugar spike. 

We promise you’re going to love the benefits.

If you are trying to move the needle on your scale, implementing a feast-famine practice is an absolute must. Keeping your body in a fat-burning state is when the real work happens. You can be exercising and “eating healthy” but if your body isn’t getting into these fat-burning modes you are not getting the most bang for your buck. When the body is in “famine” mode you’re not releasing excess insulin which in turn allows you to burn fat for fuel. Keeping your blood sugar in check will also have positive impacts on stress management. There really is no downside here! 


To celebrate Sarah we encourage all of you to try out her favorite step in The Method. She created SWW® to impart lifelong healthy habits to create real change so we cannot think of a better way to recognize her birthday!