Cinco de Mayo with SWW®

Cinco de Mayo with SWW®

At SWW®, we practice what we preach. We are a lifestyle (not a diet), which means we have ways for you to celebrate and enjoy even the most notoriously indulgent days. Since it’s May, let’s dive into one of our favorites: Cinco De Mayo. 

Prepare for success

On the day of the big fiesta, you can do a few things to ensure you are heading into Margaritaville the right way to avoid throwing your body off balance. 

  1. Blood sugar balance: Before you dive into the celebrations, focus on well-balanced meals that keep your blood sugar in check. Ensuring you stay on track before indulging is a great way to “have your cake and eat it too.” For your initial meals, focus on high-protein options with fat and fiber andto save your carbs for the tacos later. 
  2. Alkalize: we always recommend alkalizing with SWW® Alkalize Greens Powder before a big night out. 
  3. Have a mini-meal: Eat a small high-protein snack before going out to absorb some of the alcohol you might have later and keep your blood sugar balanced. It will also ensure you don’t arrive at the party starving and overindulge in chips and salsa. 

At the party

We want you to enjoy your night but also set you up for success. Here are a few tips and tricks for partying the SWW® way. 

  1. Compose your tacos: Grab a protein-forward taco. We always want to enjoy carbs with protein, fat, and fiber to balance our blood sugar. The protein from the meat, the carbs from the tortilla, and some fat from the guacamole are a great combination to satisfy you. 
  2. Don’t skip the veggies: Since you are indulging a bit in everything that makes Cinco de Mayo fun, eating your non-starchy vegetables is a must. Load your plate with veggies or a side salad to complement your tacos. 
  3. Tequila: luckily for us, Cinco de Mayo is a tequila-centric celebration. At SWW®, we always recommend that our clients choose tequila over other spirits and alcohol. It’s the least caloric and has the lowest sugar content. If you opt for a margarita, ask the bartender to skip the agave or sugary mix-ins. If you are hosting yourself, check out our favorite SWW® drinks. 
  4. Stay hydrated: This is a no-brainer, but it is especially important if indulging in a few cocktails. 



Indulgent foods and alcohol are fun for sure, but they can lead to poor sleep and a dreaded hangover the next day. Our silver bullet to head off these predicaments is an absolute must before you shut your eyes for the night. 

  1. Mineralize: We suggest taking our SWW® Restore Minerals every night, but this will be especially useful after drinking. Take one sachet before bed to replace lost electrolytes and balance your body's acidity. 

Fun and health do not have to live in separate spheres. In fact, it’s crucial that they don’t. The key to success is consistency. The mindset of “cheat days” and punishing yourself for indulging doesn’t get you anywhere. Using the principles of SWW® during celebratory moments like Cinco De Mayo will allow you to stay on track without sacrificing enjoyment.