Supporting Your Adrenal System

Supporting Your Adrenal System

Our adrenal glands manage our stress response system. Unfortunately, we live in a society that prioritizes productivity over self-care, so we are often in a heightened stress response state, which releases excess cortisol into the bloodstream. This overproduction of stress hormones can wear down the function of our adrenal glands and impair normal bodily functions.

Over time, this can make weight loss/management and emotional regulation difficult. The funny thing about cortisol and stress is that our nervous system cannot differentiate stressors. Running away from a wild animal and getting an email from your boss trigger the same type of response in the body. Exercise, socializing, work, and ACTUAL stress all lead to our adrenal glands working overtime, which leaves us in a state of exhaustion.

How Do I Know If I Am In Burnout? 

  • Feeling chronically tired
  • Poor moods
  • Craving sugar, caffeine, and salt
  • Waking up exhausted even after 7-9 hours of sleep
  • Inconsistent menstrual cycle
  • Difficulty completing normal tasks
  • Lessened focus
  • Impaired exercise performance
  • Low libido

All of these are indicators that your adrenal system needs some TLC. We recommend purchasing our SWW® Adrenal Support Guide for the real deep dive into revamping your adrenal system along with: 

  • Avoid high-intensity workouts 
  • Opt for movement practices such as pilates, yoga, and walking 
  • Prioritize rest and recovery
  • Sleep for 8-10 hours 
  • Avoid fasting for more than 12 hours
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol consumption 
  • Aim to make all your meals nutrient-dense with non-starchy vegetables, high-quality proteins/fats, and a controlled amount of complex carbohydrates
  • Use a wind-down routine to lower your stress at the end of the day naturally

We can’t always avoid stress, but being vigilant about what we can control to moderate the stress response in our bodies will help support a happy, healthy, SWW® approved lifestyle.