The Future of Fitness Panel

The Future of Fitness Panel

In case you missed it, I sat on a panel with Isaac Calpito and Stacey Griffith to speak about The Future of Fitness. 

A LOT came up and here are some takeaways... 

1. DELETE THE APPS THAT TRACK YOUR FOOD. Instead, listen to your body- it's always communicating with you. Apps and logging calories makes us obsessive and over analytical. Once you get into balance, the cravings go away and what you need becomes very clear. 

2. DO NOT OVERTRAIN. More is not always better. Time and time again instructors see students doubling, even tripling back to back 6 days a week. This is NOT effective and it stresses your adrenals and that keeps weight on you. 

3. YOU CANNOT OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET. It starts with what you are eating. Make sure you are properly fueling for your specific type of workout. If you spin - that looks very different from a HIIT class, and that looks very different from pilates. 

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