Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer

Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer

Popsicles, ice cream, pizza, hot dogs, sodas…it’s all abundant during your kids’ summer vacation. So, how do you ensure your kids stay healthy with junk food at every turn? Our SWW® approved, kid-friendly tips and options are nutrient-dense and don’t sacrifice an ounce of flavor. 

Fruit over candy: While candy salads might be trendy online, they aren’t doing anyone any health favors. Providing many fresh fruit options is a great way to ensure your little ones get their nutrients. Pro tip: make sure the fruit is prepped and cut so little hands have an easier time reaching for it. Opting for fruit will refresh your kids and avoid a sugar crash that will leave them tired and cranky. 

Choose hydrating foods: Chances are your kids are spending more time outside than usual. Getting out and being active is great, but with the hot temperatures, staying hydrated is essential. Snacks like watermelon, cucumbers, and bell peppers have high water concentrations. Pairing water-dense veggies with homemade hummus makes for a well-rounded snack for kids and adults alike. 

Homemade frozen treats: Telling kids they can’t indulge in a popsicle over summer vacation will likely be a non-starter, so we suggest an SWW® approved homemade version incorporating fruit, coconut milk, and nut butter so they can get their sweet treat without any of the artificial ingredients. All you’ll need is a popsicle mold to get the ball rolling. This is also a great kid-friendly kitchen activity to excite them even more about their healthy treat.

Homemade pizza night: Instead of ordering out, stay in! Being able to control the quality of the ingredients will make all the difference in making a fun dinner that is not overly indulgent. We love using a sourdough or cauliflower crust for a healthy option. This is another way to get the kids involved in helping make their own pizzas. Pack on those veggies and high-quality meats to keep things balanced, colorful, and delicious.

Rules for indulgence: We are not anti-fun at SWW®. If the kids are jonesing for ice cream or a sugary dessert, ensure they eat a balanced meal beforehand so their blood sugar doesn’t spiral out of control. 

Get outside: This tip is especially important if your kids are having an extra sugary day. Getting them active and running around in the fresh air will burn off excess sugar and also give them a healthy dose of Vitamin D. 

Consistency is vital:  Keeping your young ones on a meal schedule rather than grazing all day will ensure they hit all their nutrient goals. Three balanced meals with a healthy snack will keep your kids fueled and avoid an energy crash in the middle of the day.