Unlocking Hydration With Minerals

Unlocking Hydration With Minerals

We’ve got some exciting news for you. Your favorite SWW® Restore Minerals just got a significant upgrade! We have reformulated our already powerful blend to work even harder for you. While we usually recommend using minerals at the end of your day, it's also a cheat code for beating dehydration in the summer heat when you add a sachet of our Restore to your afternoon water bottle. 

Why Minerals Matter More In The Summer

The answer is simple: we sweat more in the summer. We are outside more, and it’s hotter, so it’s only natural for us to perspire more than usual. Because of this, we lose fluids and electrolytes at a faster rate. Our bodies need more salt to compensate for this. Our formula has sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate for that very reason. Sodium is our body’s primary electrolyte. Adding it to your water allows your body to hold onto it better than just flushing it out. Water is attracted to solutes. The better our electrolyte balance, the better our water retention and overall hydration. 

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

While the summer can be scorching, it can also be stressful. Balancing kids’ camp schedules, weekend events, and vacations is enough to make anyone's head spin. That’s why mineralizing is a step you definitely can’t afford to skip. We packed our SWW® Restore Minerals full of magnesium glycinate to help minimize feelings of stress and anxiety. Our new addition to our favorite unwinding product is L-theanine, which helps reduce the physical manifestation of anxiety and reduces the body’s stress response. We kept our unique addition of B12 to ensure you are energized throughout the day. Since we are more active in the summer, keeping the stress at bay while showing up with total energy is a win-win. 

When Should You Take Minerals 

  • Every night before bed
  • After a particularly sweaty workout (especially if it’s outdoors)
  • After a day at the beach 
  • In the middle of a long hike
  • After a long afternoon of gardening or yard work

Being vigilant about your mineral intake will allow you to feel more energized and balanced for all that summer has to offer. A sachet a day (or more, depending on your activity load) is a habit you won’t regret.