Yes, I drink...

Yes, I drink...

Despite what most people may think, Yes, I drink! Usually come Friday night after a long week of hard work, exercise, and clean food, I'm ready to get down and let it rip a little... After all, what's so fun about working hard if you can't let loose and enjoy from time to time?

So, what's my drink of choice you might ask? 

T E Q U I L A. 

What??!?! I remember being out to dinner with my dad not too long ago and I ordered a tequila rocks lime. He looked at me like I was ready to go hard! But that wasn't the case at all. Tequila is cleaner than any wine, beer or dark liquor out there. It's less hangover inducing, less inflammatory AND well... Way more fun, because it's also the only alcohol on the market that's a stimulant, not a depressant. So, have one of these babies and get up to up to get down! 


1. Less sugar than any other alcohol. (Did you know sugar is what causes a hangover?)

2. Naturally Gluten Free

3. Comes from the agave plant and contains sugars called agavins (not agave nectar). Agavins have actually been shown to lower blood sugar levels rather than raise them as our bodies cannot break down their long molecular structure into simple sugars (like those in wine, beer, or whiskey).


1. Tequila soda and 3 limes (hint: lime alkalizes the acidity of the booze = a happy tummy in the morning)

2. Tequila neat with fresh lime juice

3. Tequila rocks with a splash of pineapple


1. Casamigos

3. Don Julio

2. Casa Dragones

**blanco or silver tequilas are lower in sugar than the aged or the reposados**

So cheers to that! 

xox Sarah