Why We Method

Why We Method

I created The SWW Method™ because I wanted an actionable, accessible way to teach people the magic that is the science of blood sugar balance. This concept is the key to health and wellness. You could, in theory, be eating “healthy” and keeping fit, but are you doing it in the most effective way possible? There’s a science behind weight loss, and it’s more than just eating salad. The SWW Method™ takes a holistic approach to your health. It’s not about dieting because, let's face it, they don’t work. It’s about creating habits throughout your entire day that lead to the results you are looking for. I break it down into ten easy-to-incorporate principles that will become second nature in six weeks.

We’re getting ready to start our engines again for our April session. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be learning.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people are walking around dehydrated, which has more ramifications than you think. Being dehydrated can set off your stress response, which raises your blood sugar and cortisol levels, making weight loss harder. Ensuring your water intake is up to par is the obvious way to battle these adverse side effects. We teach you how to stay hydrated throughout the day without it feeling like a chore.

Keeping your body in a fasted state allows for more efficient fat burning. You will also lower your blood sugar and insulin levels when you do a more prolonged fast overnight and through the morning.

This is our secret sauce to keeping your blood sugar at bay throughout the day, avoiding unnecessary spikes. In addition to the overnight fast, we get your body to do mini-fasts in between protein-forward meals. This means no snacking. Your body will burn fat throughout the day without feeling that mid-afternoon crash often triggered by a blood sugar spike.

Burn Fat, Save Carbs For Last
At SWW™, we end our day with carbs (combined with protein, fiber, and fat). Eating carbs during the day increases insulin production, which prevents efficient fat burning and spikes your blood sugar. We also strongly believe in an order of operations at dinner. Saving the carbs for the end of your meal will allow your body to be primed with all the nutrients from your protein and vegetables, avoiding a mid-meal blood sugar spike.

How you end the day matters as much as how you start it. Implementing a wind-down routine will get your body in a lowered state of stress to lower your cortisol levels, which in turn lowers your blood sugar. Stress is one of the biggest enemies of health. How you unwind will impact your sleep; the better you sleep, the more impactful your transformation will be.

Notice anything similar about any of these steps? They all involve blood sugar balance! The SWW Method™ is the lifestyle you’ve been looking for. We arm you with the knowledge to get results that last a lifetime. The best part is you do it with a community and coaches who meet you right where you are to cheer you on during victories and get you through the hard days.

So, are you ready to experience THE transformation? Our April session is just around the corner. We kick off on April 30th. We hope to see you!