The Facts About CBD for your health

The Facts About CBD

CBD has been one of the most popular ingredients in the wellness industry for the past few years. You see it in food products, supplements, skincare, and more. But what does it really do? Consider this your crash course in all things CBD.

First things first, what is CBD?
It is the second most active ingredient in the cannabis plant and is also found in cannabis’s cousin, the hemp plant. Be assured CBD should not be confused with THC, which is the first active ingredient of marijuana, famously known for triggering a high state. CBD does NOT induce a high.
CBD affects the body’s central nervous system, which is why it is often associated with stress relief.

It’s no wonder CBD has taken the wellness industry by storm; it has many health benefits. It can be taken orally or even used topically for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of CBD:
  • Anxiety - studies have shown it can help reduce and alleviate anxiety and the effects stress has on the brain.
  • Sleep - helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Chronic Pain - when applied topically or taken orally, people see improvement in their pain levels.
  • Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders - doctors often prescribe CBD to these patients.
We cannot reiterate enough that taking CBD is NOT the same thing as smoking marijuana. The stigma of coming from the same plant source has a lot of people confused. Taking CBD is legal and not at all considered recreational drug use.

Using CBD:
CBD comes in a lot of forms, but some of SWW’s™ favorite ways to incorporate it are the following:
  • Tinctures before bed for optimal rest
  • Gummies during the day to alleviate and manage stress
  • A CBD-infused bath bomb for stress relieving self-care that also combats muscle aches.
SWW Pro Tip On Buying CBD: The purity and dosing of CBD in products can be unreliable. You may react differently to different products, so it’s best to start small to see how you react.

CBD can be a great addition to your daily life, but like any other supplement, please make sure to consult a doctor before using it in any form, especially if you are taking any medication.