Partying The SWW™ Way This Holiday Season

Partying The SWW® Way This Holiday Season

Tis the season for holiday parties! While they can be fun, they can also trigger major setbacks for anyone who is trying to take control of their health. Don’t worry. As always, the principles of SWW® have got your back. We want you to enjoy this season while prioritizing your health. 

Keep That Blood Sugar Balanced

You will be tempted by plenty of sweet treats and other indulgences while on the holiday party circuit. Keeping your blood sugar balanced will allow you to feel good so you can enjoy your celebrations. 

  • Start your day by breaking your fast with a meal dense in protein, fat, and fiber. 
  • Save those carbs for last. Eating carbs at the end of dinner will allow the veggies and proteins from the meal to act as a buffer in your system so your blood sugar doesn’t spike drastically. 
  • Take a shot of apple cider vinegar before an indulgent meal and then another one before bed to keep your glucose levels in check. 
  • Focus on vegetables and protein. Those holiday spreads will have many options, but we recommend filling your plates with vegetables and protein sources first. 
  • If you decide to have dessert, have it after a protein-rich dinner. 

Let’s Talk About Alcohol

A holiday toast is hard to turn down. If you choose to imbibe this season, we have a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Opt for a tequila-based drink over a sugary cocktail or wine to avoid a blood sugar spike.
  • Pair your drinks with a meal, or eat before drinking. 
  • Double up on alkalizing if you are planning to drink. Consume your greens in the morning and once again in the afternoon to prep your system before consuming alcohol.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate. Have a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages. 
  • Try to limit your alcohol intake to two drinks. 
  • Don’t forget to consume your minerals before going to bed.

We Repeat, Stay Hydrated

We cannot stress enough how important staying hydrated is, especially during the holiday season. 

  • Drink one liter of water upon waking up. 
  • Ensure to drink at least two to three more liters throughout the day.
  • Drinking adequate water will allow your body to better handle the stressors that come with the holidays. 

Don’t Forget To Alkalize

We know we mentioned alkalizing regarding alcohol, but even on days when you aren’t planning to drink, don’t forget to alkalize. The holidays tend to be stressful, which can cause excess acidity. 

  • Alkalize with a greens powder like our SWW® Alkalize before coffee in the morning.
  • Alkalize again in the afternoon with either another greens powder or a no-fruit greens juice. In a pinch, you can also do hot water with lemon. 

Minerals Matter

This time of year can be exhausting. How you wind down and recharge makes a difference for your health. 

  • Take your SWW® Restore Minerals before going to bed.
  • Ensuring you get this extra dose of magnesium will ensure you fall asleep and stay asleep. 
  • Our formula contains sodium bicarbonate to allow your body to alkalize overnight to fight acidity. 
  • We’ve also added B12 in our minerals to make sure you wake up energized. 

We want you to enjoy your holiday traditions and social plans fully. SWW® is a lifestyle. There will be temptations, but these tips will help you navigate this festive season and feel your best while enjoying yourself.