9 SWW™ Tips For Holiday Travel

9 SWW® Tips For Holiday Travel

The holiday season is a festive, fun time, but holiday travel can be an entirely different story. Traveling during this season can simply be described as stressful. The body manifests stress in ways that aren’t great for your health. These nine tips will keep you healthy to be your best self when you arrive at your holiday destination.
  1. Stay Hydrated: We might sound like a broken record, but hydration is vital to wellness. Air travel causes you to dehydrate, so don’t leave your SWW™ water bottle at home. Aim to drink half a liter of water every hour you are in the air. Pro tip: pack an LMNT sachet to add to your water in flight.
  2. Alkalize: Make sure to take your SWW® Alkalize greens powder while you travel. If you forget your greens, hot water with lemon will do the trick too. We recommend book ending your flight/train/long car ride with alkalizing on departure and arrival.
  3. Mineralize: Don’t forget to throw your SWW® Restore minerals sachet in your carry-on. Take your minerals at the end of the flight to replenish your reserves. The B12 in our formula will give you the energy you need to feel refreshed, and the magnesium will surely calm that travel-related anxiety.
  4. Pack Your Own Food: This step requires some planning, but you’ll be so glad you did. Airport food is often overpriced and lacking in any nutritional value. Being on the go doesn’t mean you have to reach for something full of seed oils and simple carbohydrates that will be sure to spike your blood sugar. Some of Sarah’s favorite travel foods are:
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Veggie sticks: carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers
    • Primal Turkey Jerky Sticks
    • REDD bars
    • Sakara bars
    • Epic bars
  5. Avoid Alcohol: That in-flight cocktail will leave you feeling dehydrated and further increase bodily acidity. Skip it and stick to water.
  6. Keep Moving: When that seat belt sign turns off, be sure to take a walk up and down the aisle to get the blood flowing. If you find yourself in a flight delay, take a little time to get in some good stretches at the gate or take a lap around the terminal to avoid too much sedentary time.
  7. Bulk Up on Vitamin C: Traveling can be tough on the immune system. Make sure to bolster your Vitamin C intake pre and post-travel. A good way to do this is via supplements or adding more citrus to your diet.
  8. Give Your Skin Some TLC: This step is especially true if you are flying. Airplanes have less humidity, so your skin will naturally dry out. Keep some facial moisturizer and hand cream in your carry-on to apply mid-flight so you arrive at your destination looking plump and hydrated.
  9. Just breathe: This can be a stressful time of year. Prioritizing some deep breathing will help calm your nervous system. We recommend box breathing: breathe in your nose for four seconds, hold for four seconds, breathe out your mouth for four seconds, and hold for four seconds. Repeat as needed.