Holiday Hacks to Stay On Track

Holiday Hacks to Stay On Track

The holiday season is packed with exciting events, but it can also be a stressful time of year. We are surrounded by temptation of sugary sweets, there are countless holiday parties that may include too much alcohol and overeating. On top of that, you are given a new set of responsibilities for your family needs that may include:

  • Decorating the home

  • Finding those perfect Christmas presents for everyone

  • Hosting extended family and friends

  • Sending out Christmas cards

  • Scheduling kids holiday events


These are all fun activities, but it’s important we take a moment to assess our upcoming events, create a plan to stay on track with our eating habits and find solutions to make the holiday season less stressful. 


Noted below are SWW hacks for navigating through the holiday season. 


RSVP REQUIREMENTS: If you have a lot of parties, consider replying “no” to the ones that may not excite you or may derail your healthy routine. Choose to attend events that bring you joy. This will free up your time and create less stress. 


BOOK AN ACTIVE HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE: A great way to get your exercise in with the whole family is scheduling events that include ways to get your heart rate up. An example would be a family hike to cut down your own Christmas tree, a ski trip, ice-skating or a simple brisk walk with your family to take in the holiday scenes.


PLAN AHEAD YOUR PARTY: Before heading out, make an SWW smoothie or have a protein-packed snack as a way to prevent over-eating when you are out. This is usually a 4PM mini meal we like to call our insurance policy to guarantee we don’t overeat when we are out.


CHOOSE YOUR INDULGENCES AND ALCOHOL WISELY: We want you to enjoy the indulgences that come with holiday celebrations, but it’s important not to go crazy with too much. We recommend choosing 1 indulgence during your holiday event. This may include dessert (1), alcohol (2) and carbs (3). Choose 1 or 2 to enjoy, but NOT all three at your holiday party.

Keep your booze light and clear with the least amount of acidity and sugar. We recommend tequila that’s low in acidity and has minimal sugar. Give yourself a cap on how much you will drink before your event and stick to that plan.

HEALTHY WISHLISTS. Aim to provide your kids and loved ones with presents that benefit their health. They could be toys centered around sports, a WHOOP band for monitoring your health or a spa gift certificate for self-care. We also like presents that can be enjoyed together as a family. Something as simple as JENGA is a fun present that avoids screen time, practices patience and enhances motor skills. 


KEEP CALM. Stress levels run high around the holidays. Check in with yourself to calm your nerves. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise, creating weight gain and a sluggish metabolism. Schedule time for yourself and practice deep breathing to level your cortisol and prevent blood sugar from spiking. One of the best ways we try to relax during the season is reading holiday classic books to our kids. It’s a great way to get into the season and keep the body in a calming state. 


We are all about enjoying life’s indulgences, especially during the holidays. Follow these hacks to enjoy the season and still stay on track.