Memorial Day: Healthy BBQ Tips

Memorial Day: Healthy BBQ Tips

The warmer weather means so many things if you live a healthy lifestyle—outdoor workouts, hiking, softball games—but it can also mean celebrations filled with indulgences. Memorial Day, a day filled with BBQs and outdoor gatherings, is one day (or weekend!) in particular that can throw us off track. Don’t let the start of summer get you further from your goals. You’ll find some tips and advice here for how to have your healthiest holiday weekend yet.


Get grilling


The grill is a cooking method we really love! Choose lean cuts of meat, like chicken or top sirloin, or omega-3 rich fish like salmon. Veggies taste delicious on the grill, too. Grill romaine to add a smoky flavor to your salad, or try asparagus or zucchini which cook in no-time. Season with your favorite SWW-approved marinade, or keep it simple with a little avocado oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.


Swap out the sides


Potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad—these sides are almost guaranteed to make an appearance this weekend. Instead of serving the traditional options, think about swapping them out for this Creamy Miso Coleslaw, Quinoa with Sun-Dried Tomatoes or even a crisp Kale Salad. If you’re going to a party, offer to bring a veg-friendly side that’s in line with your goals!


Hydrate…and then hydrate


As the temperatures heat up, it’s even more important to stay hydrated. Keep refilling your water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated, especially when you attend outdoor events. Add some SWW™ Restore to your water bottle on the days you have outdoor workouts scheduled to replenish minerals and electrolytes.


Choose your indulgences


We know there are many opportunities for indulgences during this weekend—so why not pick one or two conscious ones that bring you joy? Do you love sharing an ice cream cone with your kids? Or want to have a summer cocktail with friends? Choose the moments that are the most important to you while keeping on the plan for the rest of your day.