Sarah Wragge Reflecting on Self-Care

A Year In Review

Celebrating my birthday has brought about a time of reflection for me. My personal journey has been filled with so many positive moments and experiences for growth. I’m sharing some of my favorite practices for reflecting and monitoring personal growth to help you see all you have achieved!

Set your goals and intentions

Think about your goals for a specific time period—whether it be a week, month, year or even a decade. Write them down in a journal, a white board or even your phone, wherever you can access them easily. Set regular check-ins and reminders to re-evaluate and adjust your goals as needed.

Do some self-care

Self-care is a buzzword we hear often. The most important thing when it comes to self-care is how it works for you. Why go get a massage if you don’t like to do it? Think about what you like to do and what helps you recharge. Is it taking a yoga or pilates class? Do you love meditating or reading a good book? Prioritize what makes you happy and carve out the time to really do it.

Practice gratitude

Every day I think about what I am grateful for—and you all are always on my list! I encourage you to reflect on what you are thankful for in your own life. There are so many ways to cultivate a positive outlook. Journal, write a letter to someone you love, or fill a jar with reasons why you are grateful to harness the power of gratitude.

Celebrate your successes

By celebrating your successes, your brain actually releases dopamine to reinforce and strengthen your positive growth. Not only that—but it helps to release stress and promote an optimistic attitude. Celebrate small wins in ways that make you feel good, like scheduling a mani-pedi or a dinner with close friends.