Beating that Lunchtime Drag

Beating that Lunchtime Drag

If you're anything like me, you find that lunch is the most frustrating meal of the day. 

Eat too little or order a boring salad and it’s snack city by 3:00pm. And, then if you eat too much or indulge at a client lunch, you’re snoring at your desk immediately after and then pouring a giant cup coffee to get you out of the dip! 

Erin and I hear this story all the time from clients, so on our new episode of Inside Scoop, we're sharing our easy, go-to solution for the perfect lunch.

The trick is making your meal light but nutrient dense at the same time so you are left with stabilized blood sugar levels and ideally more energy than you had going into the meal. YES - that IS possible. Food is fuel after all...

Check out our clip and easy demo here:
In My Fridge Salad | Inside Scoop

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