Why the WHOOP needs to be on your Wrist

Why the WHOOP needs to be on your Wrist

​​Are you well versed on how your nervous system functions?

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls bodily functions such as:

  • heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • perspiration
  • body temperature
  • pupil dilation
  • digestion

ANS allows us to react and adjust these functions without consciously thinking and is split into two components: 
The Sympathetic (SNS) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS)
These nervous systems provide input into our bodies at all times- acting to decrease or increase activities. 

Here's the difference between SNS and PSNS:

How does this affect our heart rate variability (HRV)?
  • It measures how the SNS and PSNS affects your heart beat
  • When your nervous system is balanced, your heart is constantly told to beat slower by your PSNS
  • Beats faster come from your sympathetic system
  • These mixed messages result in a constant state of variation in your heart rate.

How is HRV determined?
When you have high HRV, your body is responsive to input from both the SNS and PSNS

This is a sign your nervous system is balanced, and your body is capable of peak performance.

A low HRV means one branch is dominating and sending stronger signals to your heart than the other. An example would be running a race OR on high alert for a task you need to complete.

Looking to have this all monitored properly for you??
Consider the WHOOP, the most personalized fitness and health membership available to you now. 

Here's why I love my Whoop:

  • Provides daily target exertion goals to avoid over/under-training 
  • Provides HRV stats to see how lifestyle traits affect my body’s recover
  • Monitors calories burned and evaluates each day so I know how to plan meals ahead
  • Measures sleep patterns so I know how much rest my body needs every night

This digital fitness tool is ideal for monitoring your health and keeping your body performing at its best. I highly recommend getting the Whoop.