Sarah Wragge in Pilates pose

Why Accountability Works

It’s easy enough to say you’re going to do something. Whether it’s a new workout class or a change in diet, deciding to do something is the easiest part. Sticking to it is entirely another story. This is where accountability comes in. 

Changing your lifestyle is not a solo activity where SWW® is concerned. Sure, the day-to-day management of your nutrition, supplements, and movement routines is ultimately up to you, but a big way to stay motivated is to have someone on the sidelines pushing you to achieve your goals. Like any sports team has a coach, we believe your personal wellness deserves one, too. 

Our coaches are in your corner. They get laser-focused on your long-term goals. There is no one-size-fits-all/cookie-cutter approach where health is concerned. Every person is different, and your goals may differ from that of another client. While SWW® principles are used across the board for everyone, your SWW® plan is tailored to your goals specifically. 

What Accountability Can Look Like At SWW®

  • Weekly calls 
  • Coach interactions with food journaling
  • Meal planning to keep you full and off the blood sugar roller coaster
  • Exercise routine suggestions
  • Data tracking with CGMs, as well as access to our team of SWW® approved doctors, should they be required
  • Individualized supplement protocols for your specific needs
  • Daily motivations via messaging  
  • Grocery store lists of SWW® approved items
  • Personalized food plans that support your gut health 
  • Finding ways to indulge that won’t offset your long-term goals

Our coaches get it done. It’s as simple as that. They use science to get you results instead of shortcuts and crash diets that leave you feeling depleted or unsatiated. It’s about keeping you on track to make good choices and creating lifelong habits to get you the results you’ve been chasing. 

Sure, in theory, you can go at this alone, but the phrase “it takes a village” exists for a reason. A mentor, a cheerleader, and an expert are the traits you need and can expect from our team at SWW™.  Changing your lifestyle is a team sport, in our opinion. We can’t make the changes for you, but guidance is invaluable on the journey to better health and wellness.