Supercharge Your Morning Routines

Supercharge Your Morning Routines

Did you know some of the most successful executives in the world start the day without their phone?

While it may seem productive, a January 2022 study from Scientific Reports has shown that reading from an electronic device first thing in the morning promotes brain overactivity and results in reduced comprehension for the day. 

Maintaining a morning routine that does not include your phone creates:

  • More control of daily decisions
  • Focus and preparation for the day ahead
  • Higher probability of completing more tasks

Checkout our daily routines from the moment we wake up. This regimen is one that we share with my clients to help set them up for success every day and recover for the one after that.

1. Upon waking, drink one liter of water.

  • Dr. Michael Breus, "the sleep doctor" says we lose 1 liter of water through breath overnight as the body repairs itself. By drinking a liter first thing- we can flush toxins from the body and release water weight as well as aid digestion and regulate hunger. I leave my water bottle filled at my nightstand so it's the first thing I do in the morning before my feet even hit the ground.

2. Get 15 minutes of sunlight for circadian rhythms.

  • Wake up and get outside! Sunlight is the core factor of our day-night cycle, regulating everything from our body temperature to metabolism to sleep. Research shows that increased exposure to blue-enriched morning light improves the mind's alertness. 

3. Finish your hot shower with a cold rinse to boost metabolism. 

  • Not only will a cold shower improve your skin and hair, it also helps with circulation as the cold water pumps blood and increases metabolism. As your body fights to keep warm, the cold water revs up your metabolism and burns calories (same principle as cryotherapy).

4. Add SWW™ Alkalize Detoxifying Greens Powder to your second glass of water in the morning. 

  • Our GO-TO green juice every AM. One sachet of this greens powder provides 5-7 servings of veggies jam packed with chlorophyll and superfoods. Starting your day with greens helps to alkalize the body and avoid blood sugar spikes. And YES, it keeps you in a fasted state.

5. Add collagen to your morning coffee.

  • Starting your day with protein helps stabilize blood sugar, fuel a workout and keep you more satiated throughout the day. Protein also helps build lean muscle mass so you get more out of the effort you are putting in at the gym. I love Green Compass Collagen because it's grass-fed and completely taste-less, you won’t even know it's in there.

Try these routines and let us know if you don't feel better, have more energy and get more done!