Summer Outdoor Workouts and Balancing Recovery

Summer Outdoor Workouts and Balancing Recovery

During the summer I am at my prime. The sun is out, the morning air is warm and soft and I have more energy to get out there and grind. Yet, I often end up focusing on high intensity workouts and not optimizing my recovery. The result is injury or burnout. 

Here at SWW® we believe exercise is the missing piece in people’s everyday routine to help them reach their goals. Yet, it is important to mix up your workout routine. We encourage this through an A/B workout strategy. 

What is a type A workout? 

  • A type A workout is where you reach your maximum heart rate for a majority of the exercise. 
  • These include: long runs, sprints, a spin class, or a cross fit session. 
  • These workouts strengthen your heart, your lungs, your muscles and optimize your cardiovascular system. 
  • They trigger a stress response in the body. 
  • Stress hormones elevate our heart rate and increase glucose levels so we can sustain the workout. 

  • Post A workouts we must optimize recovery. Our entire week can’t be full of back to back A workouts. 


    What is a type B workout? 

    Type B workouts are amazing for strengthening our core and fine tuning our muscles. They are usually slower and less intense. They don’t optimize your cardiovascular system but optimize recovery and muscle strength. These include: yoga, pilates, a weight training session, a long walk or hike. 


    How do I optimize recovery?

    Mix up your workouts to optimize recovery. The day after a hard workout go for a long walk outside, play in the backyard with your kids, join a recreational sports league in your city. 

    After a type A workout you want to prioritize recovery. Such as: a longer nights sleep, taking magnesium, replacing your electrolytes, legs up the wall to increase lymphatic flow, increasing your protein and replacing glycogen by having a starchy fruit or vegetable after your workout. 

    Ensuring proper recovery will help you better reach your gains as you are allowing your body to rest and inflammation to subside so you are better prepared for your next hard workout.