Sarah's Valentines Day Picks

Sarah's Valentines Day Picks

I'm so excited to share my Valentine's Day favorites with you all. From my go-to sweet treat to my must-have beauty tool, I'm spilling all the details on how I like to show myself some love on this special day. So, grab a cup of tea, kick back and relax, and let's dive into my Valentine's Day must-haves!

Sweet Treat

What says “I love you” more than chocolate covered strawberries? This is the perfect Valentine’s Day sweet treat. My favorite dark chocolate brand is Beyond, because it’s made with organic and fair-trade ingredients. To make SW approved chocolate covered strawberries, mix a Beyond Good 80% bar with a little bit of coconut oil and put it in the microwave until it melts. Then dip your clean, dry strawberries in the melted chocolate. Place the strawberries on a plate and put in the fridge to harden for 30 mins and enjoy a sweet treat with some health benefits.


My favorite way to have contoured face without makeup is by using a Gua Sha tool. It’s essentially a lymphatic drainage tool for your face, reducing puffiness while promoting collagen production. I incorporate it into my morning routine and try to do it every day. It’s like a mini facial with immediate sculpting results.  


While HIIT training can be very beneficial, we cannot forget to include low intensity strength training in our weekly workout routine. Pilates, yoga, long walks, resistance bands and free weights are my favorite exercises that help to lean me out, build muscle and burn fat. I incorporate one of these workouts at least 6 days a week. Switching up the type of exercise I do is a good way to activate different muscle groups and assure I’m getting a full-body workout.


Self-love is defined as a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. One of my favorite ways to practice self-love is through self-care techniques. Legs up the wall, meditation, and dry brushing are my top 3. Another way I boost my self-love is through self-talk. I try to make it a point to only speak positively about myself and my body, and never compare myself to others. Although these techniques may seem trivial, they all have made significant difference in my relationship with myself.