Mastering Movement for a Stronger Body

Mastering Movement for a Stronger Body

The hours of long gym time and cardio work needed are now in the past. 

Clients have recently shared with us:

“I wish I told my younger self to spend more time focusing on building muscle than running for hours, dieting and trying to look thin”.

As we age, our muscles get weaker and if we only focus on how to trim fat off our bodies, we’ll be left with brittle bones, loose looking skin and bigger health issues such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Iron deficiencies
  • Thyroid issues
  • Osteoporosis and other low bone density issues

Studies have shown incorporating short 20-minute workouts daily with different routines have a greater impact on your health and longevity than long continuous cardio movements. 

During a 12- week study, an exercise physiologist examined two groups. Group one doing traditional long workouts and group two doing only 22% of the workout as group one, but with high intense intervals. Both groups improved their insulin resistance and the overall gains were similar for both groups.   

This means group two was able to spend less than a quarter of the time exercising (but with more intense workouts) compared to group 1 and achieved the same results. 

At SWW, we structure our clients on an A/B WORKOUT ROUTINE that is quick, efficient, and strengthens the body. 

A WORKOUT: your harder and shorter workout that increases heart rate and sweat.

Examples are:

  • 30 minutes of aerobic exercises such as dance
  • 15 minute HIIT sessions incorporating weight training and small amounts of cardio
  • 20 minutes of running or short sprints
B WORKOUT: your restorative workout to recover and bring the body into a calmer state
  • Yoga flow for flexibility
  • Light Pilates work for muscle toning
  • Pelvic floor exercises

    Combining the A/B workout into your weekly routine is the secret to building muscle, burning fat and improving your longevity. We recommend rotating an A and B workout throughout the week.  


    A Workouts:

    • Increasing heart rate for shorter periods of time will move oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently
    • Helps naturally balance blood sugar levels
    • Improves microcirculation, delivering oxygen and other nutrients deep into your tissues
    • Toning larger muscle groups in the body such as the legs and arms burn the most calories
    • Boosts the lymphatic system (the garbage system of your body) and helps detox
    • Assists in dislodging and releasing toxins that have been stored in your fat

    B Workouts:

    • Allows your body to recover and prevent injury
    • Clears the mind and allows for creativity
    • Improves flexibility, mobility and muscle relaxation
    • Lowers blood pressure because it helps your heart pump more blood more efficiently bringing your systolic number down (the first number in the reading)


    FIRST: Hydrate + ADD minerals to replenish lost stores and flush lactic acid.

    THEN: Optimize your workout’s “after burn” effect and increase results by eating the right type of meal.

    What does this mean?

    Within 15 minutes of your workout, use a mineral supplement. We recommend SWW™ Restore as it is everything you need to enhance your recovery with a dose of B12 to keep you energized.

    Your post-workout meal is the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL CHOICE OF THE DAY.

    • Choose a meal that is lower in carbohydrates to keep you in a fat burning state.
    • Lean on fat and protein to refuel instead of fruit or starchy carbohydrates.
    • Our SWW Smoothie is an ideal post workout fuel option. Liquid nutrition wins for post-workout when possible. 

      Movement is a crucial component in reaching your health goals and improving your vitality.  

      Consider joining the SWW Method program where we cover more in depth knowledge on how we follow the A/B Workout routine and what you should be doing pre/post workout to achieve your goals. 

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