Introducing the Ultimate Wellness Concierge ✈️

Introducing the Ultimate Wellness Concierge ✈️

How many times does a sexy getaway make you feel not so sexy? After a few days, you feel sluggish, bloated, and totally off plan. 

Well, what if you were able to maintain your fitness and wellness practices on the road? And what if you returned from your vacation feeling leaner, stronger and cleaner than you did even before you left? 


It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with In the Know Experiences, a leading luxury travel & lifestyle consultancy, in order to offer customized wellness concierge services & packages to stay fit and healthy during your travels. 

When you book a trip through In the Know Experiences, you have the option to add-on our Wellness Concierge, which is offered in three packaged tiers of personalization. 


Get the essentials of a customized program during your travels. I will have a pre-trip consultation with you to best understand your needs and goals, providing you with the best tools to take away with you. From tailored supplements & suggestions to recommendations for the restaurants on-property – you will never have a moment that you don’t feel healthy, energized or refreshed. 


This is perfect for those who are looking for more guidance & keep to a regimen designed specifically to your needs. Whether it’s finding the right balance or taking a more strict approach, this very personalized service will help you stay on track – making feel your best. I will work with the hotel chef to make custom shake recipes and pre-select your menu options for each of your meals, both on-property & off-property. 


This soup-to-nuts package is not just an add-on: I will take a full 360-degree approach by extensively tailoring your trip both on-property and off-property, work with the hotel chef to customize your culinary offerings, be available to you 24/7 while you travel, add in an element of fitness with exceptional virtual private training sessions from celebrity trainer Isaac Boots, and so much more…

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IN THE KNOW EXPERIENCES is a luxury travel & lifestyle consultancy who specializes in creating tailor-made experiences around the world. Part of prestigious networks & included in exclusive programs at top hotel brands such as Four Seasons, Starwood, Ritz-Carlton, Peninsula, and many more — In the Know Experiences is able to extend a host of benefits and complimentary perks to their clients such as discounted rates, offers, upgraded accommodations and extra amenities at over 4,000 hotels around the world. They also open the doors to the most exclusive events and happenings around the world: whether it’s front row seats or backstage access at a sold out concert or festival, VIP seating at film festivals, or passes for the most coveted events… Let their unrivaled expertise, relationships and insider knowledge become your passageway into the world’s finest hotels, best restaurants, sold-out events, and customized adventures.