Healthy Traveling Recommendations

Healthy Traveling Recommendations

One of the biggest struggles I hear from clients when they are traveling is how to stay on track with eating well when on the road. 

Thankfully I've got you covered with necessities for flights, on the go snacks, and essential supplements to keep you on track.



1. Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The stress of traveling and dry airplane conditions dehydrate us like nothing else. I always say 1-liter of water at take-off and another upon landing. Staying hydrated keeps our energy levels up, skin glowing, and digestive system running at top form.


2. Lemon wedges

I keep a bag of pre-sliced lemon wedges in my carry-on and add them to my water, tea, or to dress a salad pre-flight (because you should NOT be eating any packaged airport salad dressing).


3. Tea

Pack several tea bags in your carry-on and ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water mid-flight. Green tea is great for a little boost of caffeine, while peppermint or ginger will help tame an upset stomach. These are also great to have on hand once you reach your destination.



1. Nutrition Bars  

Purely Elizabeth Primal Kitchen

Health Warrior Bullet Proof


2. Chips / Snacks  

Siete Tortilla Chips


3. Lesser Evil Popcorn  

Jackson’s Honest

SeaSnax (olive oil)


4. Chocolate  

Hu Kitchen Theo

Eating Evolved Taza


5. Crackers  

Simple Mills Mary’s Gone

Hu Kitchen Flackers



We all know travel can throw our delicate systems for a loop. Which is why I’m always diligent about our supplement routine.  

1. Digestive Enzymes

Your digestive system is going to be jet lagged too, off schedule and not processing the same foods it’s used to. Taking enzymes will help keep you regular and beat the bloat.


2. Probiotics

Take with your morning water to help keep digestion in check.


3. Minerals

SWW Restore Replenishing Minerals does wonders for replenishing electrolytes, sleep, relaxation, and constipation.

Just remember, being prepared and having a plan is EVERYTHING to ensure traveling WELL!  You got this. 


Bon Voyage!