Guidelines for Your Year End Review

Guidelines for Your Year End Review

Many people put off their personal Year End review. Too busy, don’t have the time, not sure where to start…well let me help you! I love these because its a way to reflect and enhance my performance in the year ahead. Carve out time in your busy schedule to complete each of these main tasks below. Try for 30 minutes for each block of “me time” so you can focus. 


Below is the layout for my personal and business year end review. Plus, you can download it and fill it yourself. So simple!

  • Area of Life:

    • Health

    • Relationships- with husband, kids, family, friends

    • Business

    • Mental health (self-care)

    • Personal growth and development 

  • Highs and lows of each area above

  • Wins and losses

  • Ways to improve

SWW® Evaluation Sheet


Next, I evaluate the chart above and reflect upon the goals I set for myself. Then I answer these questions:

  1. Were all my goals achieved?

  2. What prevented a goal(s) from being met?

  3. Acknowledge and list everything you achieved (little and big). 

  4. Write down what you are grateful for from the past year



Answer these seven questions to wrap up your year end review:

  1. List 3 bad habits you stopped and 3 good habits you started?  

    1. What habits still need to change?

  2. Relationships

    1. End any relationships? 

      1. Was it a good/bad relationship?

      2. Who supported me during these tough times?

    2. New relationships developed? 

      1. Who made a positive impact on my life and how?

  3. What was the best and worst that happened this year?

  4. Top 3 lessons I learned from this year?

  5. Develop any new skills over the year? 

  6. What am I grateful for from the past year?

  7. Reflect upon the past year, what advice would you give yourself now? 

After you have answered the above questions, take a careful look at your results and make your own evaluation on how your year turned out. Begin drafting your goals to set for the year ahead. 

Follow this format to maintain peak performance year after year and track your success.