Feel Your Best This New Years

Feel Your Best This New Years

New Year’s Eve and indulgence are often synonymous. We get it; the treats are abundant, and the champagne is flowing. At SWW®, we don’t strive for perfection. We want to create sustainable habits to support you through these decadent times. If you plan to sample the charcuterie and have an extra glass of bubbly, fear not. We have some tips and tricks to help you prepare the night before and ways to recover the day after. 

Before The Party


Staying hydrated before a big night out is vital. Drink one liter of water upon waking up and drink two to three more throughout your day. 

Pro tip: While at the party, chase each boozy drink with a full glass of water. 


Get a good workout in the morning to get your metabolism firing on all cylinders. This will ensure you are continually burning calories throughout the day.


First thing in the morning, take your SWW™ Alkalize greens powder. Then, alkalize for a second time in the afternoon with another greens powder or a no-fruit green juice. Doing this will set your gut up for success and help you feel less bloated and inflamed before you start eating and drinking, as sugar and alcohol are both acid producers. 


This will save you from arriving at the party ravenous. Choose something high in protein and fiber while low in carbohydrates. Eating a nutrient-dense “snack” will keep your blood sugar in balance. Hard-boiled eggs, chia pudding, or a smoothie are great options. This tip is especially crucial if you choose to drink because the mini-meal will absorb some of the alcohol.

What To Drink

SWW®’s drink of choice will always be tequila. It has a lower impact on blood sugar than other types of alcohol. 

The Day After


Technically, you should do this right after you get home from the party and before bed. The magnesium in our SWW® Restore minerals will let you get deep, uninterrupted sleep, which is crucial for proper recovery after a big night out. Mineralizing with SWW® Restore will also allow you to replace lost electrolytes as well as fight bloat and reflux. We also added B12 to our blend to let you wake up with energy instead of being in a hangover daze. 


What better time than January 1st to start a gym resolution? It may feel impossible, but we promise a good sweat will have you feeling like a million bucks after a night out on the town. Get your workout in the morning while still in a fasted state to support fat burn and get you back to feeling your best. 

Pro tip: If you had an especially sweaty workout, we recommend taking your SWW® Restore Minerals to help you recover.


Alcohol consumption will dehydrate you, so make sure to step up your hydration intake.


Don’t skip the greens, especially after a night of eating and drinking. Indulging often triggers a build-up of acid. Alkalizing will get your body back into a normal rhythm. 

Prolonged Fast

Keeping your body in a fasted state longer is an excellent idea for post-party recovery. This will keep your body in a fat-burning state longer and reset your body’s blood sugar into balance. 

Parties happen. Don’t let a night out with some indulgences send you into a tailspin of guilt. You can do a lot to set yourself up for success to enjoy without shame. We especially like that our party tricks save you from a mean hangover. SWW® wants you to feel your best when you arrive at your celebrations and feel great the day after. Like we always say, this isn’t a diet… it’s a lifestyle. And what’s life without a little bit of fun?