Kid Friendly Smoothies

Back on Track for Back to School

School is back in session. While we are sure you’ve gotten all the school supplies shopping ticked off the to-do list, let's take a minute to ensure your kids’ nutrition is geared up for the school year ahead.


Do: Prime your kids with all the necessary nutrients to kick-start their day.

Pack them with protein: A nutrient-dense smoothie or eggs with avocado and fruit are great options for keeping a full belly.

Don’t: Reach for the cereal.

While this option feels easy, there’s no worse way to start the day. This carb-dense meal will surely cause a blood sugar spike, followed by an eventual crash, leaving your kids feeling sluggish in the middle of their day.

Other things to avoid: Pop-Tarts, plain white toast, biscuits, and pancakes

Lunch and Snacks

Do: Choose nutritious food combinations to keep tummies full throughout the afternoon.

A lunch we love: Apple with peanut butter + a sourdough sandwich containing organic turkey slices, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber slices, and avocado mayo.

Snacks we love: Celery sticks with their favorite nut butter, nuts with raw dark chocolate, or full-fat yogurt with fruit.

Don’t: Choose processed foods.

There are a lot of heavily processed, sugary snacks that are marketed toward kids. While giving into the fun packaging might be tempting, we recommend limiting the excess sugar intake when possible.

Things to avoid: Cakes, cookies, white bread, and items with excess artificial ingredients.

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