Lifestyle Program - Level 2

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Sarah Wragge and her team of coaches customize your signature 1:1 coaching program to fit seamlessly into your routine. Throughout the 12 weeks, the SWW™ executive team will continuously evaluate your progress and pivot accordingly so we are always holding you accountable to meet your goals.

The Sarah Wragge Wellness™ coaching style specializes in helping highly- driven clients become more effective and efficient so that they exceed their goals during this transformational experience.


  • Unlimited Weekly Accountability Messaging
  • Weekly 30-minute Accountability Calls
  • 45-Minute Individualized Program Kick off Call
  • SWW™ Program Workbook
  • SWW™ Customized Meal Plan
  • Access to the Digital SWW Method™ Program
  • Access to the SWW™ Meal Delivery
  • SWW™ Greens & Minerals (1 Month Supply)
  • 4x Monthly Data Tracking Analysis (CGM, Whoop, Oura Ring)
  • SWW™ Baseline Customized Supplement Protocol
Lifestyle Program - Level 2


How do I access The SWW Method™ Membership program?

All program material will be in the SWW™ Platform. The SWW™ Platform is the same platform and the same log in credentials that you used for The SWW Method™ Program. 

How do I access the Zoom links for the group calls?

Your Zoom links can be found in the SWW™ platform alumni community. As an alumni you will be added to an alumni community similar to your course community that will have the Zoom links. These can be found under “meetups”.

What if I cannot make a group coaching call?

If you cannot attend the group coaching calls they will be recorded and the link to view will be posted in your community within 2 hours.

How do I message my coach?

If you are in a Level 2 or Level 3 membership, you will maintain access to the Heads Up Health app. Messaging with your coach will be done through this app using the same login credentials you used for The SWW Method™ Program.

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

All SWW™ monthly memberships require a 2-month commitment. You are able to cancel anytime after the initial 2 months.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging in on our website and cancelling your monthly subscription. 

I love this course but I need more accountability and 1:1 coaching. What do I do?

That is what we are here for. We have many coaches who work with our clients 1:1 and many different programs. Please reach out directly to and we can send you more information.