My Healthy Hair Care Routine

My Healthy Hair Care Routine

Your hair shares a lot about your health and the nourishment it receives. Similar to your skin, it’s an outward reflection of what you put into your body. 


Many people spend money on products to help improve their hair care needs such as: 

  • Hair thickening treatments

  • Anti-frizz masques

  • Expensive shampoos for “healthier-looking” hair

  • Coloring processes


These treatments are fun self-care strategies, but long term; do not address the root cause of your hair issues such as pH balance and vitamin deficiencies.



  • Dry/itchy scalp

  • Hair thinning/breakage

  • Coarse and frizzy hair


When our body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive, it diverts its energy and resources to essential functions rather than hair growth. Acidity created from a diet rich in processed foods and high cortisol levels from chronic stress also cause hair loss and damage. Great hair is all about diet and lifestyle changes, not a magic serum or hair mask.

Here’s the scoop on my low-maintenance, natural hair care routine that also improves your overall health and wellness. 

(Hint! These steps perfectly integrate into our Method formula — beauty from the inside out.)


1. HYDRATE: First thing in the AM, drink one liter of water. Staying hydrated prevents hair breakage, supports hair growth from root to tip, and promotes a healthier scalp.

2. SCALP MASSAGE: Rubbing my fingers against my scalp not only calms my nervous system but also improves my hair strength and promotes hair growth. The process stimulates the follicles to produce thicker hair. I apply gentle rubs to my scalp daily to reduce tension and keep my hair strength strong.

3. LIMIT HAIR WASHES: It may come as a surprise, but I only wash my hair once a week. Shampoo is known to strip away the natural oils in the hair and takes away the moisture, leaving hair dry and brittle. When I need a deep clean, I run my fingers through my hair and then brush it before washing to distribute any excess oils from my scalp down my hair. I use a cleansing shampoo that contains avocado oil to help moisturize.

4. BALANCE PH LEVELS. Your hair and scalp pH levels tell a lot about your hair and health. When your pH levels are imbalanced, it can cause hair breakage, cuticle damage, and frizz. Know the chemistry of your hair and what products to use that won’t throw off the pH balance. I have thick hair so aloe vera is a great natural ingredient I look for and occasionally I’ll drink apple cider vinegar or use it as a conditioning rinse to ward off bacteria in my hair/scalp and help balance my pH levels.

5. MINERALIZE. A crucial step in the SWW Method is to mineralize and it benefits your hair too by promoting the hair growth and repair cycle! To ensure you are getting the right mineral intake, we recommend  SWW™ Restore, for healthy hair growth. Add a sachet into your water once or twice a day.

6. EAT NUTRIENT-DENSE FOODS: For healthy hair growth, incorporate these foods into your daily diet: salmon, almonds, eggs, berries, oysters, red meat, sunflower seeds, avocado, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens.


When it comes to healthy hair care, less is more. Be conscious of how much product you put in your hair and ALWAYS read the ingredients.


When we eat a well-balanced diet and follow the simple method noted above, we’ll see improved and healthy changes in our hair and overall bodies.