Greens For Gut Health

Greens For Gut Health

We all grew up being told to eat our greens, but we want to teach you WHY greens make such an impact on our bodies. 

Greens are one of the biggest tools in the SWW™ arsenal. It directly relates to one of the primary pillars of our philosophy: alkalizing. 

What is alkalizing? 

Simply put, alkalizing enables you to balance out the acidity in the body. 

Why do we alkalize? 

Our bodies produce acid from our normal daily functions. This includes breathing, metabolizing our food, exercising, feeling stressed, fasting, drinking alcohol and consuming coffee. Minerals in our body, stored in tissues and bones, act as natural temporary buffers to our daily, built-up acids. They do this so our blood pH remains normal until those acids are eliminated through exhalation or urination. Adding an external alkalizing step into our routines lets us offload some of that strain on our natural buffer systems, lungs, and kidneys.

At SWW™, our preferred alkalizing method is consuming a greens powder first thing in the morning (before coffee) to support balanced acidity. By doing this, you are helping your body detoxify the acids built up overnight and priming your gut for the day ahead. 

What do greens have to do with it? 

Our SWW™ Alkalize greens powder is packed with antioxidant-rich, prebiotic-potent, green, leafy vegetables, promoting detoxification and a healthy gut without breaking your fast in the morning. Staying in a fasted state keeps you in a fat-burning mode longer, which is necessary for weight loss. 

How to alkalize The SWW™ way: 

  • Mix your SWW™ Alkalize greens in four ounces of water in the morning before coffee and eating
  • Around 4 p.m., you can repeat your greens powder drink OR consume a no-fruit greens juice.
  • Pro tip: this secondary greens break can be a great way to beat that afternoon slump, giving you a quick energy boost. 

Why Sarah loves alkalizing: 

  • Helps prompt elimination in the A.M.
  • It gives you an extra energy boost in the morning to get going.
  • Starting the morning with a healthful regimen makes you feel good all day. 

There’s a reason alkalizing is one of the building blocks of SWW™. Adding greens powder to your morning routine will set you and your body up for success all day.