Are you in a wellness state?

Are you in a wellness state?

There has been a 25% spike in anxiety and depression among people since the pandemic. 


This time period has shifted many people’s mindset on how they view their state of wellbeing. But did you know the actual “state” you live in was recently ranked best and worst for health and wellness? 


A new study focused on three main wellness categories in 50 states to determine which were the best states for wellness.  


1. Physical and Mental State

2. Access to Parks and Nature

3. Interest in Integrative Health Practices


Here are the rankings for best and worst practices for wellness. 



1. California

2. Arizona

3. Florida 



1. Alabama

2. Oklahoma

3. Louisiana 


It’s not surprising to hear the sunniest states in the US have an impact on a person’s wellbeing. Studies show natural light wards of depression, improve your sleep and motivate others to eat better and exercise. 


With more people having the flexibility of working remotely, it has changed people’s perspective on choosing to live in places with strong health and wellness communities that enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


The wellness industry has been valued above $4 trillion per year and is projected to reach $7 trillion in value by 2025, according to the Global Wellness Institute. 


Now more than ever, people are putting their health and wellness first with exercise, better nutrition habits, supplement intake, yoga and meditation.


Here are new healthy habits our SWW clients have picked up post pandemic:

  • Substitutes the early AM commute for an early AM workout/meditation

  • Prepares and eats all meals home rather than buying lunch/dinner takeout at the office

  • Takes a “lunch break sweat” such as a run around the neighborhood or a local workout class

  • Home for family dinner to catch up on quality time


Companies have also taken into consideration ways to keep their employees happy and healthier:


  • Provides employees with wellness workshops

  • Offers gym memberships

  • Brings in chefs to prepare healthy lunches

  • Stocks office fridges with green juices and healthy snacks

  • Provides employees with private health coaching options


If you need guidance towards better health and wellbeing, consider one of our SWW coaching options OR the SWW Method program we launch three times a year. 


We are 100% confident we will improve your physical and mental state no matter where you live in the world. 


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