I believe that it’s not about what we give up, but rather what we put in.

I believe in a whole life approach to wellness. A 360.

I believe that food is medicine and we have the power to heal ourselves through nutrition.

I believe we should move our body every day.

I believe that being healthy is sexy.

I believe in cleansing with every season.

I believe that most of the world doesn’t know what it’s like to achieve optimal health, or to feel really really good. 

I believe our bodies are machines, just like cars.  They need proper fuel, tune-ups, and maintenance to drive their best. 

I believe when our body is in an alkaline state, we don’t have cravings.

I believe negative emotions are toxic and can get lodged in our cell walls, causing us to feel stuck.

I believe that some of the greatest a-ha moments happen during a cleanse.

I believe it’s better to eat full-fat anything than something that starts with the words “diet” or “lite.”

I believe we should honor our bodies, not beat them up.

I believe that transformation happens during “off days” from the gym.    

I believe a morning ritual is SACRED and sets the tone for every day.