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The Cleanse

This 4-week cleanse program is for those who are looking to refresh, reset, and jump-start a new healthy lifestyle.

Together we will evaluate your current nutritional lifestyle practices and prepare your body for a detox. We will slowly remove inflammatory foods and reduce animal protein. We then move into The Cleanse program for your choice of 3, 5, or 7 days. Upon completing it, we’ll work together to integrate back into “real life.” The goal is to shift your mindset around food so that you can make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle. This is a 6-12-week program and based on the core principles of the reFRESH5.

ᐩDaily nutritional meal plans
ᐩClean and simple recipes
ᐩPrepared foods and juices for The Cleanse
delivered right to your door (additional charge)

45-minute kickoff session

30- minute sessions with unlimited support in between

The Cleanse